Monday, April 2, 2012

Diana Damrau Is Really, Really, Really Swell

I'd like to take a moment and take a radical stand by saying Diana Damrau is awesome. I know -- I know, it's not a popular opinion at the moment, but I hold firm to my beliefs and shall not be swayed [note to non-opera people: Diana Damrau is insanely popular].

I saw her at the Met a week and a half ago in L'Elisir, and while I'm not the giantest (real word, shut it) fan of her voice, her acting is superb; she's hilarious; and oh yeah, mega-pretty. BEHOLD:

Also I now mega-ship her onstage with Juan Diego Fl√≥rez. Have you SEEN them in Le comte Ory? Oh. Because I haven't. But the DVD is ON ITS WAY and I suspect there will be sexy shenanigans, for I have seen pictures.


Plus de sexiness

Also, in case you were unaware, she's kind of insane in an adorable way. I cite the youtube clip where she's going around Germany on a scooter yelling "Yahoo!" This is what the art form needs, people. This is what it needs.