Friday, January 14, 2011

Introduction, In Which I Quickly Get Defensive and Off-Track

I was a bit torn as to whether to do the clichéd ‘well, here’s my first posting’ entry, but since I’m typing this, I guess that’s what I’m going to do.
Here’s my first post. I hope to use this blog for posting not so much about my personal life (I mean, that’s what livejournal’s for. That and doing memes about which tv pairings you love the most), but rather as a way to rant/rave with ecstatic fits of glee about opera. If more personal things do happen to crop up at all, hopefully they will only be mentioned in that context.
I’m already feeling myself worry about grammar and style, so let me say right away that if you notice any grammatical errors, do NOT point them out to me, as it will only serve to make me resent you. The English language is one which evolves quickly, and while I am not a proponent of textspeak and other things that are aiding everyone to actively become dumber, I am pro-splitting infinitives and ignoring some of the more seemingly arbitrary grammatical rules. So instead of discussing my dangling modifiers, go listen to some soothing music and calm it down. And then notice something in that music that you love or hate and tell me and we can make fun of/laud opera together.
I was about to say this would be an essay-format blog, but…that’s pretty much every blog ever, so I guess what I mean is this will be like every blog ever. Only AWESOME.



  1. For those who were curious and are also lazy:

  2. I'm so glad this was the first comment, Mike.